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Unlock your full growth potential across every channel. All from one platform.

Apps are individually priced, & 100% pay-as-you-go.


The Smartest Marketing Strategies

Re-Imagined as Apps...

Here's a few examples:

Find immediate growth opportunities across every channel.

Over and over again.

SEO: Discover your lowest-hanging opportunities for driving more traffic from organic search.

Social: Prospect for serious leads in real time, connect social activity to ROI, gain pivotal competitive insights - and much more!

Media Buying: Perpetually expand your effective audience by discovering new, laser-targeted placements.

SEM & PPC: Uncover exactly where your competitors are getting results - and generate a whole new world of targeting ideas.


...And so much more!

There are currently 7 apps available in Zag.

Content Marketing: Always know what's resonating most with your own audience - and your competitors. (And more!)

Influencers: Persistently monitor the key players in your market. And spot the upcoming talent, automatically.

Apps are individually priced, & 100% pay-as-you-go.

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